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Very exciting news - my GQ project gets exposure in Curve Magazine (November 2007).

GQ Tour Schedule

LGBT Center Retrospective Group Show December 2007
IDKE9 SHOW, Vancouver Canada, October 18-21st 2007

GENDER ODYSSEY SHOW, Seattle Convention Ctr, Sept 2007
LGBT Center SHOW, Seattle, May 2007THEATRE OFF JACKSON SHOW, Seattle, Jan-Mar 2007WILD ROSE SHOW, Seattle, Sept-Dec 2006


"To define gender as exclusively male and female is to limit the infinite possibilities of being. Whenever anyone has attempted to fit a neat little label on me, my inner punk diva forges to the forefront in protest. Gender is fluid. It shimmers with ambiguity. It is confusing, not confining. It is dangerously delicious. It is a constantly evolving choice. It is mutable and malleable. Gender is a balancing act. Gender is drag. It is an inside job of attitudes and behaviors not limited by the costume of appearance. Gender encompasses a spectrum of options and a kaleidoscope of desires and delights."

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