Artists Statement

Lara Muffley is an artist obsessed with spray paint, stencils and all things drag. Her ‘GQ’ stencil portrait series began as a tribute to drag kings which eventually evolved to encompass individuals in a larger genderqueer context. Judith Halberstams work on ‘female masculinity’ has very much informed her project. Muffley’s medium is primarily acrylic spray paint on either wood support or canvas.
The individuals listed below are featured in the show. The list is by no means complete, but is part of an effort to draw attention to outstanding individuals who fit under the ‘female masculinity’ umbrella. You are encouraged to follow the myriad of links which give greater biographical detail for each person.


moropo said...
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moropo said...

This is a really interesting and important body of work. Nothing beats a creative project where good art combines with a good story. I'm struck by the very fluidity of genderqueer identities portrayed here in a form whose edges are sharply delineated, with high contrast and clarity. It's a lovely juxtaposition between content and form. Great work!

Michael James Hawk said...

Such an enlightening show, well presented. Well done!

That these women have developed their identities with such confidence, with aesthethic considerations, really adds to my artistic knowledge, and reminds me that it is the artists who build the bridges to the future.

As you, yourself, have done.

Very best,

Bear said...

I love - love! - this series. I wonder if you'd get in touch via email? I would like to talk about acquiring a piece or pieces for my own collection.

Bear Bergman