GQ begins it's tour at the Wild Rose

GQ began it's Seattle run at the Wild Rose from Sept - Dec 2006.
Many thanks go to Shelley and Martha for all their support.

"Many of us have identities that we have no language for. "Are you a guy of what?" We are the anvils, and that questions hammers us daily. For us, the question requires more that a one-word answer. It seems as though everyone who questions the totality of who we are- whether they despise us or admire us- thinks that an answer to the question 'are you a woman or a man?' will illuminate our identities. But for some of us in this room, the ground we have staked out in the space between those two poles is precious. There is no one word at this time that will out the question of our identities to rest. All of us here have fought to defend our right to complexity in a society that demands we compress the totality of our being into feminine woman. Unless that category is a comfortable choice, it becomes a suffocating compartment." -Leslie Feinberg (excerpt from TransLiberation).

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